Hi, I’m Peter Richardson. I write code that makes graphics, and sometimes, words about graphics.

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Going Into Detail

For a place named “Earth,” the oceans appear wildly over-represented. I haven’t been able to make more dirt, so I’ve been working on the representation angle a bit lately: [Scroll down to advance the demo — then, click and drag … Continue reading

Journey to the Center of Web 3D

[TL;DR: Web 3D is finally taking off, thanks to new code libraries and cooperation from browser makers. Here’s a look at its current state as seen in my experiments with three.js, a popular web 3D library.] I recently wrote at … Continue reading

The Lay of the Land

I have a lot of questions. I blame the fact that I grew up in a fjord. Our town was squeezed onto a small strip of land on the edge of a deep bay, in an oblong bowl of mountains. … Continue reading